The power of routines

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Routines help us achieve, lower anxiety and make us feel accomplished.

Bonus points: they also save brain and decision making power for the more important things, like whether to watch The Eras tour movie... again.

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Routines are a hack that helps us perform better. We already unknowingly form our lives around them in how we go about work and our tasks, and we can add more intentional ones to help us achieve our goals and growth… and save on brain space for the important stuff.

Routines help with anxiety, coping with change, reducing stress, achieving goals, to combat burnout and promote healthy habits. A daily routine helps us focus on our mental and physical health.

Creating predictable scenarios through habits allows your mind to adjust, understand what to expect, and alleviate anxiety over the unknown.

Simple changes like packing your lunch before work can help you eat a more balanced diet while going to bed at the same time every night can promote a consistent sleep schedule.

They help us to feel like we have our lives together and keep us on track to achieve our goals and not forget important life tasks, like canceling that pilates class within the 12 hour window to not get charged.

It takes 21 days to form a new habit, and the same goes for a routine. If you set and stick to a new plan for three weeks, there’s a good chance you’ll stick to the routine for a long time

How to incorporate routines

To start, pick a few small things each week to work on, you might want to cut the time you spend scrolling on social media before bed, or add something new like making deeper friendship connections or spending quality time with family members, and also identify any identify any negative things you want to remove.

Do a quick audit on the routine-based activities you already engage in daily - you wake up, shower, brush your teeth, have a coffee or tea etc. See if you can add in 15 minutes of something new in that routine. i.e. is there a book you want to read while having your coffee or does that coffee time become quiet reflection time? Do you need to wake up 30 minutes earlier to incorporate a stretch, walk or gym class in the morning? Or to make yourself a healthy breakfast? Or do you need to prep the healthy breakfast from the night before to ensure you win the morning?

You can set up an AM and PM routine that helps you achieve and incorporate things that will fill your tank. A PM routine could start 2 hours before bed and include no social media, a cup of PM happy body blend, skincare routine, book in bed, taking 10 mins to map out and plan the logistics of the next day or week, writing in your journal and having a quick phone call.

The Happy Body Blend’s purpose is to support you in your AM and PM life and routine moments, so lean into it and anchor it to a moment in your day, like reading, reflection, having a great chat or popping on a face mask. Whatever fills your tank.

Do you have a routine? Do you feel it has made a positive impact on your mental health?

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