We work with a naturopath with knowledge and history in herbs, tea and natural supplements to help with ailments and maintaining health and digestion.

Tea is best stored in a cool, dry place like in a pantry or cupboard.

The AM blend has a small amount of caffeine from the pu-erh tea. We keep it in the AM and not PM blend so that the caffeine won’t interrupt with your sleeping routine. Gotta get that 8 hours!

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Yep! Not a trace of gluten to be found here. 

We package our life coach tea blends in compostable filter tea bags and wrap them in recycled paper. All our printing is done with vegan and eco-friendly dyes and all our packaging is recyclable. We’re always looking for ways we can lower our footprint on our planet, and will update our products and packaging as we find new ways we can integrate o our offering.


We accept all credit and debit cards, AfterPay and ZipPay.

We make our blends with a vision of you having the best time drinking them. If for some reason that’s not the case, you can email us at bb@bamandbala.com and we can see if you are eligible for a refund. If you have tried the tea blends and they don’t agree with your body, we’ll gladly refund you the cost of the product.

If your bam + bala tea product is damaged or faulty on arrival, please send us a pic of the product to bb@bamandbala.com within 10 of days receiving your order, quoting your order number.

Please allow up to two weeks for refunds to be credited to your original form of payment. Please note: Original shipping charges will not be refunded.


The ideal nap time is 90 minutes and should be between 1pm and 4pm. Sleeping any later will make you not sleepy at night.

Do you have curly or wavy hair? If so, do you have the time and energy to style them every morning? 

If it’s the first time, try testing with curtain bangs so you can clip them to the side if you don’t love the look right away. 

Otherwise, yes, get bangs babe. 

Boop them with your index finger or closed fist to let them get a vibe from you. 

Treat. Bribe them with treats. 

Try not to smoosh their heads even though they’re so cute. Gentle pats. 

Cover yourself in tuna. 

Easiest way is to continue the line from your lower lash line up in the direction of the tip of your brow, then lay your eyeliner brush in the flat direction (not angled up or down) and draw along the lash line, clean up any edges and colour in the gap, or check out this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJyx2VZY-Is

Open your leave request form rn and put in the following dates:

Australia Day Public Holiday 

With the weekends this gives you a 9 day break with 4 days annual leave

Monday January 24: Annual leave

Tuesday January 25: Annual leave

Wednesday January 26: Australia Day public holiday

Thursday January 27: Annual leave

Friday January 28: Annual leave

Anzac Day

With weekends this gives you a 12 day break with 4 days annual leave

Friday April 15: Good Friday public holiday

Monday April 18: Easter Sunday public holiday

Tuesday April 19: Annual leave 

Wednesday April 20: Annual leave

Thursday April 21: Annual leave

Friday April 22: Annual leave

Monday April 25: ANZAC Day public holiday

Christmas and Jan 2023

With weekends this gives you a 10 day break with 3 days annual leave

Monday December 26: Boxing Day public holiday

Tuesday December 27: Christmas Day public holiday

Wednesday December 28: Annual leave

Thursday December 29: Annual leave

Friday December 30: Annual leave

Monday January 2: New Year’s Day public holiday

You’re welcome

Before a preso, take a min to yourself in the bathroom to take a coupla deep belly breaths, it takes your body out of stress mode and into a more ‘chill, I’m safe’ mode. 

Don’t put too much copy on the slides, otherwise people will be reading the slides instead of listening to your wonderful self.

Think of the one (or few) things you want people to remember and understand, and add them to a summary slide or make sure they’re highlighted through the preso. 

You’re gonna nail it, babe.