AM to PM with Lauren Daye, Naturopath + Herbalist

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What are you passionate about?

I’ve become extremely passionate about women’s health and reproduction after suffering through my own health issues. I’ve realised there are so many women who go through traumatic experiences every month who reduce their discomforts to normal as it is so common. Reproductive discomfort is common, but not normal! 

I’ve also found a huge love for treating people with acne and anxiety, as I understand how life-changing clear skin and mental clarity can be for many of us. 

What do you love about Naturopathy?

I love that it allows humans to reconnect with the land and back to our roots by using herbal and nutritional medicine. Naturopathic medicine can be so effective when used correctly, with the negative side-effects often being very minimal when taken under the guidance of a qualified health professional.   

How would you define your approach to health/wellness/beauty and how has it changed over the years?

I’ve chosen to go down a natural path to beauty by trying to embrace the biological aging process! 

I have changed my perspective on health/wellness/beauty in the last ten years quite significantly. From someone who loved to dye to hair, eat a very Western diet and binge drink vodka sunrises, I am now more focussed on reducing the toxic load on my body and the environment. I use natural make-up as well as personal and household cleaning products, and opt for whole foods around 90% of the time (although I enjoy a cocktail every now and then and am a huge chocolate fan)!

What’s your best piece of self care or wellness advice?

Stay hydrated! It’s the most cost-effective health tip for wellness for every bodily organ and system, and will slow the aging process. A hydrated person can look like a completely different person to someone who is dehydrated. 

Also, spend time with people who make you laugh… often. 

What’s your relationship with tea?

I prescribe herbal tea in almost every naturopathic consult. Plants have endless benefits; there is basically a herb for every ailment! Herbal tea is inexpensive and contributes to hydration too! I think the time-out you take for yourself when making a tea is therapeutic in itself. I have about 3 teas a day at the moment to make up my recommended 8 glasses of water, at the moment opting for nettle (great for detoxification), peppermint (helpful for digestion) and a pregnancy concoction. 

What do you think about the current state of the health and wellness industry – are there any changes that are exciting to you, and alternatively anything you’d like to see shift?

I love that more and more people are opening their minds to natural forms of medicine to support their health and treat disease. 

I’d love to see a greater shift from people seeking a health professional purely when they are feeling unwell, to seeking healthcare for optimal wellness and to prevent disease from expressing itself in the first place. I think a lot of us need to let go of the ‘quick fix’ option through pills and surgery and accept that often a change in diet and lifestyle is what is really required to improve our long-term health. 

What’s your morning routine?

I skull a big glass of water and exercise (run/walk/gym) ideally before the sun comes up (although I am sleeping-in more during the late stages of pregnancy). I make sure I don’t start scrolling through my phone in bed as this can cause anxious feelings and then I am less likely to exercise. 

Something that took you longer than expected to learn/master?

Admitting I’m not perfect and never will be, in any and every aspect of my life. There is no fun in perfectionism and I’m never going to be everyone’s cup of tea. 

Best beauty tip?

Consume antioxidants (found in brightly coloured fruits and vegetables, and quality tea), in large amounts. These do wonders to naturally slow the aging process! 

What’s your night time routine?

Shower, moisturise, force my partner to give me a head massage and watch something light on Netflix, falling asleep soon after (although it would be great to replace this with reading or breathing exercises, like I ask my clients to do (sigh)… one day). 

If you had the attention of all the women in the world for a few minutes what would you want them to hear or see?

I would love all women to embrace their individuality, flaws and vulnerability! The world would be so boring if we were all perfect. My favourite people to talk to are the ones that can laugh at themselves and make a joke about mistakes they’ve made. 

“No one is going to stand up at your funeral and say, she had a small waist and a great thigh gap!” (Ailey Jolie). Let us all focus less on our appearance and more on how we make other people feel and how we can empower each other. I find when we’re feeling healthy and well, this is so much easier!


- Lauren Daye

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