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We’re for the busy babes juggling work deadlines, birthdays, dinners out, dinner in, friends going through a crisis, staying on top of group chats while being a great partner, looking for a great partner or being your own great partner. It’s a lot.

We got something to support you.

Step into our office, hun.

Naturopath designed

We work with Naturopath, Lauren Daye to certify bam + bala's blends.

We love that she’s passionate about treating underlying causes and takes an evidence-based approaches to health and wellness. 

*while our blends are designed by a Naturopath, they aren’t a substitute for medicine so it you have an illness, we recommend speaking to your doctor. 

The non negotiables

It's our aim to do make blends that make you feel good.

Our AM + PM blends will never be made with quick fix harsh or harmful herbs. We avoid harmful weight loss narratives that promote being skinny over being strong and healthy.

You can see more about our chosen ingredients that made the cut here.

Ingredients Glossary >


We aim to have as little impact on the environment as possible.

Our tea leaves are natural with nothing artificial added in processing.

Our tea boxes and bags are 100% recyclable.

Our boxes are made with FSC cardboard and BPA free. FSC is the only forest certification system that requires consultation with local Indigenous Peoples with the intention of protecting their rights. The material is also aligned with Responsible Forestry Practices, acid-free and printed with vegetable oil-based ink.

Frequently Asked questions

Curious to learn more? Visit our FAQs page to find the answers to commonly asked questions.